Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Listing of UK SMEs on AIM could double

15% of SMEs polled are currently listed on AIM and the same number plan to list as part of their growth strategy, research finds.

The number of small British businesses listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is set to double, according to the latest Close Brothers Business Barometer. Some 15 per cent of SMEs polled are listed on AIM and a further 15 per cent plan to list in the future as part of their growth strategy.

Ninety per cent of those SMEs already listed on AIM have seen a positive impact on their business and 43 per cent state they have seen a significant positive impact. One per cent believed that listing on AIM has had a negative impact on their business and 9 per cent state that they have not yet seen an impact.

What is still 'Made in the Midlands'?

The West Midlands used to be the "Workshop of the World" but what is still being made in the region?

The Mini, MG Rover, the ceramic, brewing and carpet industries - all were well known and associated with the West Midlands.

But as manufacturing declined, tens of thousands of jobs were lost over the years. Unemployment in the West Midlands remains high with 226,000 people out of work, more than 1% above the UK average at 8.3%.

As the economy starts to turn around and experts predict much of the growth will be manufacturing-led, BBC Midlands Today has been looking at what is "Made in the Midlands".