Accuway load cells from AJT Equipment, are used by lifting professionals all over the world to perform the crucial task of finding exactly what weight is being lifted in every scenario, so that they can employ the correct lifting gear to safely execute the lift. There are a number of ways to achieve this, but Accuway load cells offer the easiest, safest and most accurate way to be sure of the load being lifted.

Accuway loadcells are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and from the best available materials. They will accurately and dependably read out the weight of any load on the hand held remote digital display in real time, making sure that all equipment and people involved in the lift are safe at all times.

What makes us different?


  • Operating continuously in the UK since 1951, AJT Equipment offers unrivalled expertise in manufacture of load testing equipment.
  • Our loadcells are some of the most trusted in the world and are used by lifting professionals on every inhabited continent across the globe.
  • All of our loadcells are British made, using only the most up to date techniques and best materials, sourced from British suppliers.
  • Our loadcells are regularly used in: oil, gas, petro-chemical, nuclear, marine, dockyards, defence, automotive, aerospace, food processing sectors and many more.
  • Our expert engineers can calibrate and certify all brands and types of loadcell up to 350 tonnes tensile and 300 tonnes compression to National Standards.

Quality Assured

We hold ISO9001 accreditation and all our calibrations are carried out in accordance with ISO 7500:1 2004