Friday, 6 November 2015

IT'S HERE!! New Website Launch

We are delighted to share with you our newly redesigned website, with a bold new look and enhanced navigation experience.  Now live at the same address  

Our goal for the new website is to provide our visitors with an extremely user friendly website. The new innovative site will offer more functionality and easier navigation with more in-depth information about products.

You’ll find everything you’re looking for in a few easy clicks. Take a look around and have fun!

Friday, 16 October 2015

LiftEx 2015 - AJT Equipment Ltd at the leading lifting exhibition of the year!

AJT Equipment Ltd is pleased to announce that we will be participating at LiftEx 2015 at the all-new Exhibition Centre Liverpool on 11th & 12th November 2015.

LiftEx is the annual meeting place for national and international end users, manufacturers and suppliers to the lifting industry. Now the 10th event in the series, with well over 1500 dedicated attendees, it is the UK’s leading lifting exhibition.

AJT Equipment Ltd will be exhibiting Test Machinery & Accuway™ Loadcells on stand number 23.

We are pleased to provide you and your colleagues a link to register your attendance and visit us on either or both days.

As well as seeing over 100 exhibiting companies, as part of your visitor pass, you will be able to:
  • Learn about new products and services to the industry in the show floor Innovation Theatre
  • Discover LEEA’s ‘New Initiatives’ in their daily presentation
  • Have your problems solved by the experts in the LEEA Advice Clinic
  • Have the chance to win a Kindle Fire by entering the LEEA industry quiz on their stand
NEW this year to LiftEx is the inaugural Conference with presentations covering cranes, rigging equipment and much more in relation to safe and efficient lifting and moving activity – this can also be booked via the registration link.

You can find information on accommodation and how to get there at

We hope to see you in Liverpool!

Thursday, 1 October 2015


AJT Equipment paid a visit to the Kirkaldy Testing Museum in London for a Chain Reaction Presentation artwork.

In a series of playful, interactive and mechanical artworks, Trope and twelve engineers explored the fluid nature of time through action and re-action in an audio-visual installation that synthesizes digital and analogue technology to resuscitate and re-frame the guts of the museum.

AJT supported and sponsored them by allowing Trope and its engineers to visit us to film a Breaking Chain in slow motion back in June. 

to learn more about this presentation visit the Kirkaldy Testing Museum every Thursday to Sunday, 1pm - 7pm from 25th September 2015 to 18th October 2015.

Friday, 28 August 2015

STRESS AT WORK - Tips to Reduce and Manage Job and Workplace Stress

Running a small business can be stressful, and here are some tips to reduce and manage job and workplace stress to give you and your business the best chance of success.

While some workplace stress is normal, excessive stress can interfere with your productivity and impact your physical and emotional health.

People can't control everything that goes on in the work environment and finding ways to manage workplace stress isn't about making huge changes or rethinking career ambitions but rather about focusing on the one thing that's always within your control: You!

Image result for office stress

There are a variety of steps you can take to reduce your stress levels and these include:

Act Rather Than React
Sometimes, we experience stress when we feel that situations are out of our control. To prevent that, you have to identify the aspects of the situation you can control and aspects you can't. typically, we are in control of our actions and responses but not in control of someone else's tone or reactions.

Take A Deep Breath
If you are feeling overwhelmed or feel very tense and need to clear your head, a few minutes of deep breathing will restore balance. Simply inhale for five seconds, hold and exhale in equal counts.

Eliminate Interruptions
Emails, phone calls, pop ins, instant messages and sudden, urgent deadlines conspire to make today’s workers more distracted than ever.While you may not have control over the interrupters, you can control your response. for this you respond in one of three ways:
-Accept the interruption
-cut it off, or
-diagnosis its importance and make a plan
You can also train those around you by answering email during certain windows, setting up office hours to talk in person or closing the door when you need to focus.

Schedule Your Day For Energy And Focus
Most of us think that if we work the full eight or ten hours a day, we will get more done. Instead, productivity goes down, stress levels go up and you will have very little energy left over. By scheduling breaks throughout the day to walk, stretch at your desk or do a breathing exercise, can help clear buildup of stress and rejuvenate.

Eat Right And Sleep Well
Eating badly and not sleeping well will stress your system therefore, it is advised that a low-sugar, high-protein diet is essential. If racing thoughts keep you from falling asleep or you wake up in the night and can’t get back to sleep, try a simple breathing trick that will knock you out fast:
-cover your right nostril and breath through your left for three to five minutes. 

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Recycling at work

Recycling has become a necessity to keep our world ticking. Recycling at work is easy to set up and run, could save you money and helps to protect the environment.

At AJT Equipment, we encourage our employees and visitors for a cleaner, greener future by introducing a new recycling system.

How do we encourage people?

Clear communication is very important to ensure that people use the recycling bins and put the correct items in them.

Here are a few tips:

  • Encourage senior management to get involved. their actions will be beneficial and it is important for messages to come from them
  • Information about recycling procedures, services, etc can be notified at team meetings, internal emails, poster as well as verbally
  • Speak to cleaning staff to ensure that they recycle correctly
  • Remove individual 'under desk' bins and install single waste and recycling bins within the offices and factory areas - this increases the amount of material recycled by removing the temptation for people to throw everything away. it is important that this is also clearly communicated in advance.